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Citrus Breakfast & Lunch

2265 W Great Neck Rd
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overall Yelp Rating - 4

CitrusBased on 430 reviews

Yelp Reviews

5 Star Yelp Rating8/23/2015

This morning was my first time there, it was the show "Diner, Drive-in, Dive" that may me want to visit, and I must say YESSSSSSSS!!! I really enjoyed the...

3 Star Yelp Rating8/25/2015

Saw the DDD episode, so had to try the Citrus pancakes!!! The pancakes had a pleasant citrus flavor, but the citrus sauce that came with it truly made them...

5 Star Yelp Rating8/18/2015

I thought I had already updated my review for Citrus but apparently not so here goes! I've always loved this place --- but I had an issue with the lack of...