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Citrus Breakfast & Lunch

2265 W Great Neck Rd
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overall Yelp Rating - 4

CitrusBased on 285 reviews

Yelp Reviews

4 Star Yelp Rating7/24/2014

Loved it here! As a Pennsylvanian, seeing a menu of Mimosa's had me PRAISING Citrus. Booze, first thing in the morning? You have my heart in your...

5 Star Yelp Rating7/24/2014

Food was really good breakfast food. Had to have the citrus pancakes which were a nice surprise to how good they were. Best pancakes I've ever had. Wife...

5 Star Yelp Rating7/17/2014

This place has a good thing going! If it's a weekend, just make sure you are ready for the wait, because it can easily be an hour. For us, it's an...