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Gaffey Street Diner

247 North Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California

Overall Yelp Rating - 3.5

Gaffey Street DinerBased on 350 reviews

Yelp Reviews

4 Star Yelp Rating2/13/2015

Been going by this place for the past two weeks, usually in the afternoon after they were closed for the day, finally went by when they were open and...

2 Star Yelp Rating1/10/2015

I have tried coming here twice before I was actually able to sit in and eat. I'm not going to lie, I was very excited to be here. I found out about this...

2 Star Yelp Rating12/05/2014

I like coffee. I like good coffee. Coffee that doesn't taste like cardboard or from a box and coffee that doesn't taste like dishwater. When a...

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Biscuit & Gravy
Eggs Benedict